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John Selig Outspoken features interviews with GLBT leaders and opinion makers, discussions with GLBT writers and commentaries from me - John Selig, your host. All this plus music from electronic music virtuoso, Jeffrey Reid Baker. Please visit our blog for more information about John Selig Outspoken at

Jan 8, 2012

John Selig is writing a book of and will be reading the essays on the podcast before compiling them into and eBook and printed book. This episode features the Introduction to the book and a discussion of changes in technology called "The Growth of Technology Has Exploded Since I was a Kid. Future essays will focus on his work as a gay activist, writer, photographer and podcaster as well as his coming out after 13 year of marriage, raising his son, marrying his husband Rodolfo Arredondo, growing up as a baby boomer in New York in the 1950s and 1960s, his extended family and his observations about the world around him.