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John Selig Outspoken features interviews with GLBT leaders and opinion makers, discussions with GLBT writers and commentaries from me - John Selig, your host. All this plus music from electronic music virtuoso, Jeffrey Reid Baker. Please visit our blog for more information about John Selig Outspoken at

Feb 20, 2012

I share the breakup of my thirteen-year marriage to Linda, the coming to terms with my depression and my coming out of the closet. This was an emotionally difficult period of my life but one where I grew stronger by facing my demons. I became a better parent to my son Nathaniel who remained with me after the divorce. Besides those interested in my life this will prove useful for others who are in or have been in mixed-orientatiion (or as I call them, heterosexless marriages) as well as any person dealing with their own coming out issues. Resources for both gay and straight spouses, their children and people coming out of the closet are also mentioned at the end of the podcast.