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John Selig Outspoken features interviews with GLBT leaders and opinion makers, discussions with GLBT writers and commentaries from me - John Selig, your host. All this plus music from electronic music virtuoso, Jeffrey Reid Baker. Please visit our blog for more information about John Selig Outspoken at

Jul 12, 2012

Shari Johnson in part one of a two-part is an Evangelical Christian mother whose life turned upside down when her 37 year old daughter, Cholene, called her and told her she was gay in July 2002. Shari has just published a book called, "Above All Things: The Journey of an Evangelical Christian Mother and Her Gay Daughter." Shari chronicles her journey in coming to terms with her daughter being a lesbian and reconciling that with her deeply held religious beliefs. In December 2010 Shari founded and became president of a chapter of PFLAG (Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and gays) in Odessa, Texas. In this episode Shari share receiving the shocking news from Cholene and how she dealt with it, coming to terms with what it meant, learning how to deal with family members, friends and members of her faith, writing her book which took six years and meeting Cholene's partner. This podcast should be shared widely with LGBT people who come from Evangelical Christian families and with Evangelical Christian parents who LGBT children.