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John Selig Outspoken features interviews with GLBT leaders and opinion makers, discussions with GLBT writers and commentaries from me - John Selig, your host. All this plus music from electronic music virtuoso, Jeffrey Reid Baker. Please visit our blog for more information about John Selig Outspoken at

Nov 16, 2007

Episode 25 - Carl Siciliano, Founder and Executive Director of the Ali Forney Center which Is a Shelter for Homeless LGBT Youth in New York City. The problem of homeless LGBT youth in the US is at crisis proportions and little is being done to help the hundreds of thousands of such youth who are out on the streets.

Nov 11, 2007

Episode 24 - Pat Stone shares her story about coming out at the age of 53 in 1996 being married for thirty-five years. Pat was the Dallas PFLAG Chapter President at the time which provided her the skills to start a support group called Late Bloomers that she has been running for ten years.

Nov 3, 2007

Episode 23 - Geoff Callan & Matt Kennedy Discuss Their Documentary on Same-Sex Marriage, "Pursuit of Equality" & Jeffrey Reid Baker discusses "Classical Music Is a Dirty Word."