Episode 10 - 2nd Half of Interview with Cathy McElrath Renna, Managing Partner of Renna Communications who is a media expert for the LGBT community. Interview with New York Times best selling author and commentator, Patricia Nell Warren, who discusses censorship and her lawsuit as a plaintiff with the ACLU concerning the 1st Amendment and the Internet. My commentary is titled, "Good Media Coverage Requires Experience and Planning."

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Episode 9 - Cathy McElrath Renna, Managing Partner with Renna Communications discusses media relations within the LGBT community. Jeffrey Reid Baker describes how he produces his electronic music.

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Episode 8 - Features Interviews with Bob Miskinis, Co-Founder & Program Director & 2 youth, Moriah Sherman & Chaaz Quigley all with Youth First Texas. Commentary - "LGBT Youth Need Us - They Don't Have Anybody Else."

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Episode 7 - Features Interviews with Honey Ward, speaker, trainer, life coach and facilitator of the Experience Workshop. Jeffrey Reid Baker whose music is featured on John Selig Outspoken, share information on La Campanella, the podcast's theme. Commentary - "Electing A Gay Supportive President Is Only The First Step"

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Episode 6 - Features Interviews with Jorge Valencia, Executive Director and CEO of the Point Foundation and Point Scholar Joelle Ruby Ryan who is finishing her PhD at Bowling Green State University in Ohio & my Commentary is titled, "Leave The World A Better Place Than You Found It"

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Judge Harvey Brownstone, the first openly gay judge in Canada, share an update on same-sex marriages in Canada. "Dallas Voice" publisher, Robert Moore, and editor, Tammye Nash, discuss what it takes to produce the Dallas-Fort Worth LGBT weekly newspaper. This episode's commentary is titled, "Gay and Lesbian Newspapers - The Heartbeat of Our Community."

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My Odeo Channel (odeo/67547961ffcdd394)
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Evan Wolfson, Founder and Executive Director of Freedom to Marry discuses status of same-sex marriage. Commentary - Why marriage is important.

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