Earth Thunder grew up in the wilds of Idaho until she was ten years old. She lived with her grandparents and an extended family of 40 migrating from 8,500 ft. in the mountains during the summer to living in caves in the winter. During this first of a 3-part interview Earth Thunder describes her childhood and share much of her wisdom as a medicine woman and Shaman. Extra music is provided for this series by Douglas Blue Feather an award winning songwriter, recording artist and performer of contemporary Native American Flute Music.

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Episode 54 - Patricia Nell Warren discusses her historical novel, "One Is The Sun" which is about a Native American Medicine Woman who lived 150 years ago in the Deer Lodge Valley in Southwestern Montana where Patricia was raised. Patricia also discusses Earth Thunder a current day lesbian, Cherokee Medicine Woman and Shaman who contacted Patricia after "One Is The Sun" was published. Earth Thunder will share her amazing story and view of the world during the next 3 podcasts.

Direct download: JSO_054_20081221.mp3
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This episode features my commentary on the 2008 election celebrating the joy of Barack Obama being elected as the next president of the U.S. and the Democrats expanding their majority in both house of Congress. I also comments on the passage of anti-gay constitutional amendments along with our attendance at the Dallas Protest as part of The nationwide protest against Proposition 8's passage and the LGBT fight for same-sex marriage that was held on November 15th in 300 cities and all 50 states in the U.S.

Direct download: JSO_053_20081116.mp3
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Wayne Besen discuses his latest work with Truth Wins Out in protesting Ex-Gay therapy including a recent trip to Alaska and protesting James Dobson's induction into the National Radio Hall of Fame in Chicago. "Ex-Gay" therapy survivor, Brian Nesbitt discusses what lead him into "Ex-Gay" therapy, what was involved with the therapy, the failure of the therapy and his life since stopping therapy, becoming a proud out gay man and protesting the work of Exodous, NARTH and other "Ex-Gay" organizations.

Direct download: JSO_052_20081002.mp3
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Bob Witeck continues his discussion on Witeck-Combs Communications use of market research on the LGBT community, how he advises major corporations to market to the LGBT market segment and the services his company provides. This is part 2 of a 2-part interview.

Direct download: JSO_051_20080925.mp3
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Bob Discusses founding Witeck-Combs Communications, the role of public relations, their work with American Airlines along with the work with Harris Interactive and the importance of market research on the LGBT market segment along to provide the research.

Direct download: JSO_050_20080919.mp3
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Serge Gojkovich just launched a website on August 1st focusing on tech for gay guys. Serge also discusses LGBT travel as his company,Gay Consultants, Inc., handles LGBT marketing for Visit London and Visit Britain.

Direct download: JSO_049_20080912.mp3
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Travis Knoll, 17-year old son of Tom Knoll discusses the books he reads and his interpretation of the authors, history, politics and religion. To discusses the responsibilities of being a parent. I deliver a commentary called "Verbal Gold."

Direct download: JSO_048_20080901.mp3
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Tom Knoll, a gay dad, adopted his son Travis at the age of 6 years. They discuss Tom's growing up, adoption of Travis, their adjustment to each other, Travis's talented and gifted skills as veracious reader and musician.

Direct download: JSO_047_20080830.mp3
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David Spark, San Francisco based tech journalist and new media consultant reports on the tech industry on TV and radio, in print and online. David, a leading expert on new media, discuses the latest Internet, social networking and Presence Awareness trends

Direct download: JSO_046_20080826.mp3
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Rick Shenkman, Historian and "New York Times" best-selling author, discusses his new book and talks about the ignorance most Americans have about politics and how their government works. He also describes the History Network News website that he founded and edited along with his website My commentary during this episode is called, "The Dumbing Down of America."

Direct download: JSO_045_20080817.mp3
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H. Alexander Robinson discusses the challenges face by gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender African Americans including the role of the church, living the "Down Low" and the impact of AIDS. He also shares the work undertaken by the National Black Justice Coalition.

Direct download: JSO_044_20080814.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 11:32pm CST

Arsham discusses what it is like being gay in Iran where homosexuality is punishable by death. Arsham, age 27 has been an activist since he was 21. He was forced to flee Iran in 2005 when the police were looking for him. He fled to Turkey and was given asylum in Canada. Now living in Toronto, Arsham has dedicated his life to making life better for LGBT people living in Iran and helping refugees outside of Iran gain asylum.

Direct download: JSO_043_20080729.mp3
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Robin Tyler discusses the outcome of the same-sex marriage case that was won in the California Supreme Court. Robin then walks us through the her and Diane Olson obtaining their marriage license at the Beverly Hills Courthouse and their wedding on June 16th 2008. (Part 2 of 2)

Direct download: JSO_042_20080726.mp3
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Robin Tyler discusses discusses the current state of politics in the US and where LGBT rights fit in, the importance of grassroots activism as critical in the fight for LGBT rights, her activism in the LGBT community. Robin then walks us through the Tyler et al lawsuit and why she filed it along with the legal proceedings at the California Supreme Court in March of this year.(Part 2 of 2)

Direct download: JSO_041_20080722.mp3
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Paul Williams, comic, discusses role of humor in gay community, his relationship with Ambassador Nancy Brinker founder of Susman G. Koman Breast Cancer Foundation, his friendship with Mark Alan Smith and his character Nelda Pickens. Jeffrey Reid Baker discusses the history of electronic music and what to look for in a piano teacher. (Part 2 of 2).

Direct download: JSO_040_20080719.mp3
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Paul Williams, comic, discusses his upbringing in a Southern Baptist family in San Antonio, his start in comedy and several of his characters. Jeffrey Reid Baker discusses the history of electronic music and his role in it. First anniversary of John Selig Outspoken.

Direct download: JSO_039_20080715.mp3
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il Browning is a long-time LGBT activist and writer and is the co-owner and publisher of the Bilerico Project, which is the LGBT equivalent of the Huffington Post. Over 50 contributing bloggers on the Bilerico Project represent the vast diversity of the gay community. Bil talks about the role The Bilerico Project plays in the LGBT community and what it takes to make a blog successful and he discusses the vast amount of our personal information available about us on the Internet.

Direct download: JSO_038_20080626.mp3
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Bil Browning is the co-owner and publisher of the Bilerico Project, which is the LGBT equivalent of the Huffington Post.

Direct download: JSO_037_20080622.mp3
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Rick Vanderslice, host of The Buli Salon Podcast and Dallas Radio Veteran. Rick's career in Dallas has spanned being a disc jockey on formats ranging from classic rock to smooth jazz. Rick hosted "The Evening Talk Show with Rick Vanderslise" on the Dallas NPR station. Rick his years in radio and how he stays informed on current events as well as his Podcast, The Buli Salon.

Direct download: JSO_036_20080616.mp3
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Rick Vanderslice, host of The Buli Salon Podcast and veteran Dallas Radio Personality. Rick's legendary career in Dallas has spanned being a disc jockey on formats ranging from classic rock to smooth jazz. Rick hosted "The Evening Talk Show with Rick Vanderslise" on the Dallas NPR station. Rick describes his podcast and discusses the history of salons.

Direct download: JSO_035_20080604.mp3
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Episode 34 - Beth Teper, Executive Director of Colage which is the national support and advocacy organization for equality and justice for people with lesbian, gay, bisexual and/or transgender parents and their families.

Direct download: JSO_034_20080520.mp3
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Openly gay City councilman and Mayoral candidate shares inside look inside Large city government.

Direct download: JSO_033_20080402.mp3
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First half of 2-part interview with Ed Oakley an openly gay City councilman and Mayoral candidate who shares an inside look inside Large city government.

Direct download: JSO_032_20080326.mp3
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Episode 31 - Jennifer Chrisler, Executive Director of the Family Equality Council. My commentary is titled "An Outsider's View of Our Inner City Schools."

Direct download: JSO_031_20080219.mp3
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Episode 30 - (Part 2 of 2 ) Gary J. Gates, Ph.D., Senior Research Fellow at the Williams Institute at the UCLA School of Law. My commentary is titled "A Window of Opportunity."

Direct download: JSO_030_20080113.mp3
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Episode 29 - (Part 1 of 2 ) Gary J. Gates, Ph.D., Senior Research Fellow at the Williams Institute at the UCLA School of Law which is a research center dedicated in the field of sexual orientation law.

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