Bob Witeck continues his discussion on Witeck-Combs Communications use of market research on the LGBT community, how he advises major corporations to market to the LGBT market segment and the services his company provides. This is part 2 of a 2-part interview.

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Bob Discusses founding Witeck-Combs Communications, the role of public relations, their work with American Airlines along with the work with Harris Interactive and the importance of market research on the LGBT market segment along to provide the research.

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Serge Gojkovich just launched a website on August 1st focusing on tech for gay guys. Serge also discusses LGBT travel as his company,Gay Consultants, Inc., handles LGBT marketing for Visit London and Visit Britain.

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Travis Knoll, 17-year old son of Tom Knoll discusses the books he reads and his interpretation of the authors, history, politics and religion. To discusses the responsibilities of being a parent. I deliver a commentary called "Verbal Gold."

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