Earth Thunder grew up in the wilds of Idaho until she was ten years old. She lived with her grandparents and an extended family of 40 migrating from 8,500 ft. in the mountains during the summer to living in caves in the winter. During this first of a 3-part interview Earth Thunder describes her childhood and share much of her wisdom as a medicine woman and Shaman. Extra music is provided for this series by Douglas Blue Feather an award winning songwriter, recording artist and performer of contemporary Native American Flute Music.

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Episode 54 - Patricia Nell Warren discusses her historical novel, "One Is The Sun" which is about a Native American Medicine Woman who lived 150 years ago in the Deer Lodge Valley in Southwestern Montana where Patricia was raised. Patricia also discusses Earth Thunder a current day lesbian, Cherokee Medicine Woman and Shaman who contacted Patricia after "One Is The Sun" was published. Earth Thunder will share her amazing story and view of the world during the next 3 podcasts.

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