Tom Knoll, a gay dad, adopted his son Travis at the age of 6 years. They discuss Tom's growing up, adoption of Travis, their adjustment to each other, Travis's talented and gifted skills as veracious reader and musician.

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David Spark, San Francisco based tech journalist and new media consultant reports on the tech industry on TV and radio, in print and online. David, a leading expert on new media, discuses the latest Internet, social networking and Presence Awareness trends

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Rick Shenkman, Historian and "New York Times" best-selling author, discusses his new book and talks about the ignorance most Americans have about politics and how their government works. He also describes the History Network News website that he founded and edited along with his website My commentary during this episode is called, "The Dumbing Down of America."

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H. Alexander Robinson discusses the challenges face by gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender African Americans including the role of the church, living the "Down Low" and the impact of AIDS. He also shares the work undertaken by the National Black Justice Coalition.

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